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Are your feet ready for the summer?

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Summer’s right around the corner! It’s a great moment to focus on your pedicures. Your clients want to wear their most beautiful pair of sandals during summer, no doubt about it. That goes hand in hand with fresh, cared for feet. You’re the expert!


Some common foot problems

Did you know that 85% of population has foot problems? That’s quite a lot! Our feet endure a lot! Many of us stand on their feet all day. Bad posture, shoes that aren’t too nice on our feet, and then the problems start…

  • Quite common problems are too dry feet or just the opposite, too sweaty ones. Our feet have 4 times more sweat glands than anywhere else on the body. Furthermore, there are no glands producing oil. Balancing moisture is very important!
  • A too dry skin can cause hardening of the skin. Callus is a very common problem too. Callus can be removed but it can be very persistent. Related problems are cracked heels and corns. Painful business!
  • Next to that there are several fungal infections of the feet and nails. It might look less severe at first glance, but beware! A nail fungus can cause the toe nail to loosen and even come off! No one wants that in their summer shoes!


Let’s focus on that last problem for a bit…



Save your clients from nail fungus!

Why more attention for nail fungus? Well, all other problems can be cured by regular care. Keep applying a foot cream to fix moisture and remove the hard skin in order to fix it. An easy task for Callus Off, Foat Soak and Massage Balm.

Nail fungus need a specific treatment to be completed by your clients at home! In order to cure discoloured and/or infected nails it’s very important that you advise your clients to take care of their feet at home with Nail Protection Tincture.

Nail Protection Tincture works in three areas:

  • It fixes discoloured and loosening toe nails to help them look fresh again.
  • It cures the fungus thanks to clotrimazole (1%), an active ingredient, to have you up on your feet again in no time!
  • It restores the natural shine of the nail thanks to avocado oil and panthenol (vitamin B5).


A must have in any client’s bathroom!


Need to freshen up how to use the Foot Care product line? We’ve covered it all-in this handy little clip!

Want to know more about Footcare? Visit our page for more information!

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