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Help clients who suffer from skin conditions!

Op 14 06 2016 in


Several people suffer from contact dermatitis. This skin condition is a rather severe one, since it can really get in the way of your daily routine. Just imagine touching change in the supermarket and having itchy hands a few hours later. Or being all happy with your new fruity shampoo only to get tiny blisters all over your fingers... Contact dermatitis can also cause your nails to be damaged. Brittle nails that break easily are classic. In some cases they even loosen!



What can you do against damaged nails?

The lady in this clip suffered from exactly this. She suffered from a skin condition causing a rash on her hands and white spots on her brittle nails. She didn't know what to do. She didn't dare to use any products on them not to make matters even worse. Yet then one of her friends advised her to visit ProNails!


She was helped by the perfect combination Vital Nail Serum + Sopolish.

  • The Vital Nail Serum is a real nail therapy. The serum is stuffed with essential building blocks for the nails in order to get them back into shape. Silk proteins moisturize the nails effeciently while keratine, magnesium, calcium and vitamins H and B make the nails stronger quickly.
  • The Vital Nail Skin forms a protective layer which helps the nourishing elements from the Vital Nail Serum to properly be taken in by the nail.
  • With more than 90 colours to choose from, it's not just a nail rescue treatment. The nails will look fabulous, whether your client likes classic colours or funky trends. There is something for every woman!




Help clients who suffer from contact dermatitis or other skin conditions!

You know someone who has a skin condition? Do you have clients with contact dermatitis and you're not sure how to help them? This really is the perfect solution! Watch the clip and you'll feel how happy this woman is with her hands!




Join us for a Vital Nail Serum + Sopolish workshop soon and become an expert yourself. Your clients will thank you!

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