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Get The Look - Clear Cubes

Op 02 05 2016 in


This season prints are often very graphic with a strong focus on linear elements. They trick the eye by playing with perspective, and add texture and depth by playing with transparency. ProNails did the work for you, and created two new semi-transparent nail design patches: Liquid Lines and Clear Cubes. While adding the power of print to your nails, these nail designs offer endless possibilities for creating contemporary nail looks.



Step 1

  • Apply a coat of Gellak n°154 Good Vibes Only to the ring finger and let it cure.

  • Apply another thin coat and don’t cure it.






Step 2

  • Apply the deco glitters from the glitter tower Clear Mind using the tip of your brush and let it cure.







Step 3

  • Cut out some pieces of Nail Design Patch Liquid Lines.

  • Remove the white base foil, stick the pieces where they should go and press lightly.

  • Next, remove the transparent foil on top.

  • Press the patch again softly where needed. Apply a coat of Crystal Seal and let it cure.





  • Using Gellak n°71 Bianchissimo draw fine geometrical white lines all over the nail and let them cure.







Final Look



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