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Get The Look - Folk Stockings

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Typical in folk style is the use of cheerful flower patterns in vivid colours, embroidered by hand on linen white shirts, black velvet vests or silk scarfs in burgundy or dark blue. Key colours are the typical folk red and pine green, combined with contrasting white and black.



Step 1

  • Start with 2 layers of Gellak n°150 Yes Your Majesty on all nails. Buff all nails using the Soft Finisher.






Step 2

  • To obtain the blue colour you blend Propaints Oceano, Divine and Ultramarine.
  • Use the Kolinsky Art Brush 2 to draw the blue waving lines.
  • Draw small fine stripes next to the blue waving lines as seen in the picture, to make it look like fabric stitches.
  • You can use the Deco Tool Deluxe to apply the different dots.





Step 3

  • Draw the red flowers using the Deco Tool Deluxe and Propaint Pepper.
  • Propaint Divine is used to draw the white dots and the fine white waving lines.






Step 4

  • To finish off draw a few fine green leaves. You’ll have to use the Kolinsky Art Brush 2 again and blend Propaint Pine and Divine.
  • Finish off with Diamond Seal and let it cure.













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