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Get The Look - Glistening Sea

Op 08 06 2016 in


When sunlight hits the surface of the water, it breaks into a milion little pieces. Under water these rays of light create a colourful show amidst the coral! The Coral Reef Nail Stickers and the Glistening Sea Nail Design Patch will bring the sea to life right on your nails. 


How do you do it?



Step by Step

Step 1 & 2

  • File the nails in a squoval sape. Apply two coats of Gellak n°170 Sea Me to the index finger, the middle finger and the little finger.
  • For the thumb and the ring finger you need two coats of Gellak n°71 Bianchissimo. Let each coat cure.


Step 3





Step 4












Step 6 


  • Next, using a Nail Art Slim Brush n°1, let everything come together in beautiful little waves. Let them move right into the Nail Design Patch in order to cover up the sides of the Patch. Let it cure.





Step 7-8

  • Finish these two nails using Crystal Seal and let it cure.
  • Add a few red Nail Stickers Coral Reef to the other nails and finish them off with Crystal Seal as well.


Final Look

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