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Get The Look - Marina Stripes

Op 13 05 2016 in


This seasons’ Riviera chic look reminds us of the eighties: stylish nauticalstripes, retro shawl prints and gold accessories. Having ProNails on your nails this summer will take going to the seaside up a notch: we’re going coasting in style!


Here is how you do it!



STEP 1-2

  • File the nails in a squoval shape.
  • Apply a reverse french using Gellak n°169 'Be Shore Of It' and let it cure.
  • Use the Gelinsky Premium Brush n°7 to apply this reverse french
  • Finish off the edge perfectly using a Nail Art Slim Brush n°1.






  • To get that french in a soft vanilla shade mix Gellak n°71 Bianchissimo with a few drops of Gellak n°119 Sunbleached.
  • Apply the French right up to the other colour and let it cure.







           Take your Nail Art Slim Brush n°1 and draw the horzontal stripes using Gellak n°172 'Make Waves'.







STEP 5-6

  • Apply the Nail Stickers 'Navy Knots Gold' like in the example.
  • Finish off with Crystal Seal.









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