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Get The Look - Navy Nots

Op 13 05 2016 in


Nautical ropes and ties are arough and tough element in this new marina trend. You’ll find them in see through dresses, shoes, accessories and jewellery. ProNails adds them to your look as wafer-thin nail stickers in both black and gold.


here is how you do it!



step 1-4

  • File the nails in a squoval shape. Apply Vital Nail Skin to all nails following standard Sopolish Protect & Peel application methods you've learned at the ProNails Workshop.
  • Apply two coats of Sopolish n°119 come Out Of Your Shell and let each coat cure.
  • Apply a coat of Sopolish Shine, let it cure and remove the sticky residue.





step 5

  • Cut out a piece of the Nail Design Patch Glistening Sea and stick it to the nails.







step 6-7

  • Next, stick the Navy Knots Black Nail Stickers to the nails as in the example.
  • Finish off with a new coat of Sopolish Shine and let it cure.







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