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Watercolour Flowers

Get The Look - Watercolour Flowers

Op 02 05 2016 in


African fabrics are seen everywhere. Combine them with geometrical retro prints or oversized flowers or fruit in pastel shades. For the L.A. Juice Bar Collection 3 new Nail Design Patches are introduced: African Fabrics, Hot Tropics & Watercolour Flowers. Have fun mixing and matching!


how you do it?




STEP 1-2

  • File the nails in a squoval shape. Apply Gellak n°166 Gotta Goji along 1/3 of the nail and let it cure.
  • Use a Gelinsky Premium Brush n°7.






Step 3-4

  • Cut out a piece of Nail Design Patch Water Colour Flowers and stick it to the other side of the nail.
  • Apply a coat of Crystal Seal and let it cure.






Step 5-6

  • Now you’ve got two options depending on the result you’re looking for.
  • If you want to keep the underlying look shiny, you don’t have to do anything. If you want a matt look, use the Soft Finisher file to mattify.
  • To draw the outline of the flowers in a soft vanilla colour, mix Gellak n°71 Bianchissimo with a few drops of Gellak n°119 Sunbleached.
















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