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Zhostovo Technique

Get The Look - Zhostovo Technique

Op 11 10 2017 in

by Natalya Grudinina


"Zhostovo is a Russian painting technique not only used for nails, but for all sorts of decoration. The name comes from the village ‘Zhostovo’ where this painting tradition has started centuries ago using oil paint. What makes the technique so typical is its specific brush strokes, for which you should use mimimum three layers of colour.

I visited the region and since then I can’t stop using the technique, I just love it! I love to create all my nail designs with Gel Paints, because they are highly pigmented, and there’s no need to dilute the colours with water. It’s a product that’s instantly ready to use, and easy to apply. You can work until each drawing is perfect, the gel paints stay fluid until the moment you cure the nails in the lamp. Also you can use them for every nail art technique: from Slim Line to One Stroke, Zhostovo, to Aquarel."

Natalya Grudinina – Nail Artist









Step by step with colour gel

Step 1


  • Apply two layers of Gellak n° 219 EclecChic with your Gelinsky Premium Brush n° 7 and cure each layer.






Step 2


  • Create the big flower with Gel Paint White Canvas and the One Stroke Brush Off Cut n° 4. Start with the outside flower petals and fill it with the flower heart, using the One Stroke technique. Continue with the smaller flower with Gel Paint Lady Lilac and the One Stroke Brush Off Cut n° 4. Cure.






Step 3


  • Now cover the white flower with Gel paint Red expression using the same technique and cure again.






Step 4


  • Add some contours and shadows to the heart of the big flower as well as to the little flower with Gel paint Nocturnal Animal using your Slim Nail Art Brush n°1, and cure.






Step 5


  • Mix Gel Paint Red Expression and Gel Paint White Canvas in the tray of your Gel Paint Book. Use this colour to accentuate the petals of the big flower. Do this with the One Stroke Brush Off Cut n° 4 using the One Stroke-technique.

  • Do the same for the little flower with a mixture of Gel Paint Lady Lilac and Gel Paint White Canvas. Cure this layer.





Step 6


  • Add some highlights to the flower petals with Gel Paint white Canvas, again with the One Stroke technique, and cure.






Step 7


  • Add a few thin lines with Gel Paint Calligraphic black and your Slim Nail art Brush n°1 in the big flower heart and let it cure.






Step 8


  • Continue with the same brush and apply a few dots in the flower heart with Gel Paint Miami Mint.

  • Do the same with Gel Paint Red Expression in the little flower and let it cure. To Finish, apply Crystal Seal and let it cure.







Final Look

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