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As a creative professional you don’t just need talent, passion and expertise. It all starts with the right tools.


Enabling you to compose nail creations like music. Whether you want the perfect gel application or the most detailed nail art of all, this range will give you the ideal brush for every possible use.




Not just any brush


The ultra black, graciously modelled brushes with their unique, high-end tips are a joy to behold. Thanks to their classy look, your work table will look beautiful and design!


We’ve developed a unique clip-on protective cap for the ProNails Premium Brushes which can simply be put over the brush to protect the hairs without touching them. Every brush comes with a handy metal corrective tip with a unique twist, which will prevent it from ever falling off your workstation again.


A lot of nail stylists are allergic to the nickel contact. No worries with the ProNails Premium Brush! The ferrule (the metal piece that holds the hairs) consists of high quality copper.


These brushes are made of polypropylene. We also use this ultra durable material for in our ProNails Gel jars, so it’s indestructable. Say bye bye to scratches, stains, chipped or broken handles.


The design was tested thoroughly by nail professionals to make sure these brushes have the ideal format, are super easy to use, feel just right when holding them and are perfectly balanced.

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What’s your lucky number?

Boost your creativity and let these brushes inspire you to create countless new unique nail creations! 

We are curious to find out what you’ll realise using these unique brushes. Share your nail creations online using the hashtag! #MyPNBrush #ProNails #NailArtist