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Do you want to make your passion your job?

With the ProNails Academy you have the opportunity to keep growing.


Looking for a nail technician training? Than of course you only want the very best. Whether you're just starting your basic training to become a nail stylist or you're looking for a workshop to improve your skills as an advanced professional: you want to achieve perfection.


ProNails thinks you're absolutely right. In our fully equipped training centres all over the country you can join us for several trainings and workshops. We work with educators who have been in the business for years and they love to teach you everything they know. Small groups allow them to help you out immediately all the time.


Where will we be meeting you soon?


Are you a nailstylist? Discover the ProNails tech talk! Read more tips & tricks.




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Choose your training

  • Basic Training Nail Stylist

    You want to become a professional nail technician? Yet you don't know anything about being a nail technician? Don't worry: this is the perfect training for you! We'll teach you literally everything: from doing a perfect manicure to creating an impeccable gel nail. Filing correctly, applying a colour like a pro or working out a refined French manicure? After this training, you'll manage perfectly!

  • Conversion Training

    Deciding to work with ProNails is choosing top quality products and trusting a company that believes in you for 100%. We'll help you pick out all the materials that match your preferred technique and we'll provide you with the necessary knowhow when it comes to your nail salon. Come meet with us and be convinced!

  • Gel Polish Workshop

    Make your clients happy! Sopolish, ProNails Gel Polish, guarantees fourteen days of perfectly polished nails in any colour you like! On top of that, Sopolish Protect & Peel ensures your clients their natural nails are well protected. Thanks to our signature treatment their nails will repair, even improve underneath the Gel Polish layer. No buffing, no drilling, no filing – with the utmost respect for the natural nail. Convince an entirely new clientele!

  • Gel Technique Workshops

    Save money and time by learning how to work even more efficiently. During these workshops we'll teach you all there is to know on how to apply gel nails even faster and better. Don't waste any time during filing and learn a new technique. Or get to know a new and improved way of applying gel nails, more natural than ever before. This works!

  • Cosmetic Pedicure Workshop

    A cosmetic pedicure is not just a simple nail treatment. You offer your clients a moment to relax, some time to dream away. And the result? Refreshed feet and happy toenails! Satisfied customers? We bet you! Discover how to give your clients some time to relax during your pedicure treatment.

  • Manicure Workshop

    A manicure is timeless because the result is always simple yet satisfying: a beautifully neat result, all the time. The natural look is back - it never really fades actually. Nails in perfect shape, a relaxing hand massage and a correctly polished nail - it seems so simple but it's all in the details! Find out how to take care of your customers' hands for real!

  • Nail Art Workshop

    A well designed nail art? You'll learn all about it during these workshops! ProNails is always on the look out for new trends and organizes different workshops showing and teaching you the newest trends in nail art. Designing liquid stones or lace? Or how to apply a marble nail art? You can choose - or you can join us for all of these! Find your inspiration here!