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Spring is in the air with our new colours!

Spring is in the air with our new colours!

Op 24 05 2016 in


Spring is here, time to clean up your salon!

Hmmmm! Can you smell that? Spring is in the air for real! We're so ready for a new vibe. Bring on the sunshine, bring on the warm temperatures, we're totally up for that! How come? We've had the cosy holidays filled with charming diners and sparkling bubbles everywhere, so now it's really time for a serious clean up. Not just your house gets a make-over, your workspace can do with a spring cleaning too. You're planning all of this already, aren't you?


Fruity colours on your nails

There's an even simpler way to get all fruity fresh for spring, without all the adaptations to your menu... The colours of the LA Juice Bar are perfect for those who don't really like fruity smoothies, yet want to become happy as a lark! True colourful food for your mood!

  • In need of some powerfood? Get this powercolour on your nails: Gotta Goji is great! #GottaGoji
  • Bring a bit of jungle back home with Jungle Power - you'll be surprised to see how great a background this is to your vibrantly coloured summer outfits! #JunglePower
  • Pastel Kiwi is fresh and summery. It will definitely gives you a casual modern look. #PastelKiwi
  • Be A Pineapple is perfect for those soft on the inside yet with a tropical rough edge on the outside. A bit of an unexpected twist, with a crown on top! #BeAPineapple
  • Whatta Watermelon is always a smart choice: orangy red pinkish - everything all at once, always lucid and vibrant! #WhattaWatermelon
  • If you choose LA Street Style, you know what you're doing: a city chic look starts on your nails! #LAStreetStyle


Choose what suits you

As always you can choose whether you want these colours as a nail polish, Sopolish or Gellak. Check out the website for more information on our colour palette. Each client in your salon will wear her favourite colour as long as she wants. 

Do you need an extra boost of powerfood for your mood? Then check out the Let's Get Fruity nailstickers! Bits and pieces of watermelon, a miniature pineapple or funky flamingos? Of course you can go wild!


This spring an instant good mood is an absolute certainty!



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