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and perfectly manicured hands to show off that ring!

All you need is love... and perfectly manicured hands to show off that ring!

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We all have our own reasons to love our clients. You have those who are always in for a fun chat. You have others who are beyond crazy about your nails. And there are clients who bring out the artist in you by asking for a cool nail art. But there's one type of client us nail technicians all love: brides! They're already as happy as can be! And then you can make sure they're even more beautiful on their big day! On top of that, it's a great opportunity to add returning customers to your clientele.



ProNails' research stated that 80% of all women wear nail polish from time to time and only 10% chooses for gel or other artificial nails. Yet when women are ready to take the plunge, they all consider visiting a nail salon, maybe for the first time. All eyes will be on the hands of the bride that day no doubt.


On your wedding day, your hands are always in the spotlights: holding your bridal bouquet (and during the bouquet toss later on), signing the register at city hall and when your husband puts that beautiful ring on your finger. All those beautiful moments will be captured on camera by a photographer no doubt. Not to mention the Instagram picture of your hand you'll be proudly posting. No doubt brides want their hands and nails to look perfect!


Natural Nails 

Women like to stay true to their natural nails, adding some colour from time to time. At ProNails we got the message! Thanks to the Sopolish Protect & Peel treatment, we offer a semi-permanent nail polish which will last for two weeks and can be removed at home easily. The perfect solution for brides who don't like gel or artificial nails but would love to have a perfect manicure on their wedding day!


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