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Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Sopolish Protect & Peel, ProNails' Semi-Permanent Nail Polish, guarantees durable and perfectly polished nails for at least 14 days, gives extra strength to the nail and has an everlasting shine. It applies easily like nail polish, cures very fast under LED light and is quickly removed by soak-off or peel-off with no damage to the natural nail. No buffing, no drilling, no filing, just pure respect for the natural nail



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Healthy Nails

  • This revolutionary solvent free peel-off system, is the first semi-permanent nail polish that fully respects the health & vitality of natural nails, by not even touching them.
  • Thanks to the invisible Vital Nail skin, a protective shield is placed over the nail to safeguard the health and vitality of the natural nail.
  • The Vital Nailskin prolongs the wear of Sopolish semi-permanent colours beyond 2 weeks and allows safe and easy peel-off removal at home. 
  • No more soaking in solvents! 

This is the ideal nail friendly solution for every single nail type, even the most dry, fragile and greasy nails. 

How does it work?



The nails are being cared for thanks to our nourishing serum applied to the nails underneath the Vital Nailskin. Our Serum will make nails smoother, it will nourish and repair the nail and stimulate growth, resulting in beautifully healthy and super strong nails!



Sopolish Protect & Peel doesn’t just take care of beautifully polished nails for two whole weeks, it’s the only peel-off system that really nourishes and protects the natural nails at the same time!



3.Perfect Nails & Peel-Off

The colour applies easily like nail polish, cures very fast under LED light and is quickly removed by peel-off with no damage to the natural nail. No buffing, no drilling, no filing, just pure respect for the natural nail. Easy and fast removal without soaking.


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